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7 best car insurance recommendations

1. Sinarmas Car Insurance

Sinarmas car insurance offers three types of protection, namely combined and TPL, TLO and TPL, and only TPL.

Sinarmas combined insurance that prevents accidents caused by accidents, criminal acts, fires, lightning strikes, accidents during crossings with official crossing equipment under supervision.

Asuransi Sinarmas TPL provides guaranteed compensation from third parties, including maintenance costs, body protection, maintenance costs, and death.

Meanwhile, for Sinarmas TLO car insurance, the risk required is the cost of repair or replacement if the damage is equal to or more than the price of the insured car.

You can also request additional guarantees, issue damage due to the earthquake and tsunami, personal accident insurance for drivers and passengers, as well as get additional costs in the form of ambulance fees and transportation costs for car transportation to be repaired.

One of the advantages of Sinarmas car insurance is that you can apply for online purchases through the Sinarmas website, as well as submit a claim directly to a workshop that supports Sinarmas.

2. ACA Otomate car insurance

Aca Otomate Insurance offers car insurance in the form of packages that are equipped with various attractive facilities, such as tow trucks to car giving.

The customer is also entitled to get a new car, if the car is entitled to get a total loss. Requirements, a new car for six months from the date of purchase.

If possible unpleasant events, such as a broken-down car on the road, roadside assistance facilities should be provided to request the help of an ACA vehicle technician directly at the scene.

When making a claim, please note that the ACA branch office needs to come. Because the mobile claim facility is available, which is a direct survey claim at a place approved by the ACA officer.

To buy ACA Otomate car insurance, you can get a Buy form on the ACA website. Next, just waiting to be contacted by the ACA insurance officer.

3. Garda Oto car insurance

Concerning the ease of use of the service, Garda Oto car insurance may be one step ahead of other insurance. Because, almost all car insurance services can be accessed digitally.

Garda Oto has the Garda Mobile Otocare application that allows customers to monitor vehicle conditions, while making the process of claiming and requesting emergency services more practical.

Purchasing up to the insurance policy payment process can be done online as well by filling out personal data on the Garda Oto website.

The purchase of the Garda Oto car insurance policy until the end of January 2019 has the opportunity to get a variety of tempting bonuses, such as a 100 liter fuel voucher, an expansion of the driver's personal accident with a limit of 10 million, as well as a variety of attractive merchandise.

4. Car insurance for Allianz MobilKu

Allianz MobilKu Insurance offers three car insurance packages, namely Allianz MobilKu Grand with the most complete guarantee, Allianz MobilKu ECO with economic guarantee as needed, and Allianz MobilKu Non Paket with protection options that can be adjusted to your liking.

The advantages of Allianz MobilKu vehicle insurance is a fairly easy claim process because it can be done through the official website or SMS service.

Customers can also get additional protection in the form of a 24-hour guarantee from personal accident with a sum insured of IDR 100 million that applies worldwide.

5. Autocillin Auto Insurance

Autocillin is a car insurance service from Adira Insurance that provides two types of protection, comprehensive and TLO. One of the advantages of Autocillin is that it has a number of features that can make it easier for customers to access insurance services.

The feature is in the form of Autocillin Mobile Claim Application, which is a claim feature that can be done through a smartphone application; Autocillin Mobile Service, which is an insurance service feature located in public places; and Same Day Repair, a car repair service that can be completed the same day.

6. Axa Auto Insurance

Axa Auto Insurance offers four types of protection, namely basic TLO, comprehensive, TLO smart drive, and comprehensive smart drive.

On smart drive protection, both TLO and comprehensive, there is an expansion of benefits including guarantees for strikes, riots, riots, terrorism, sabotage, floods and hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as third party legal liability.

Interestingly, let alone strike because of flooding, with Axa Auto Insurance car insurance, even losing a car key can get compensation.

The purchase of Axa Auto Insurance car insurance policies can be made online on its official website.

7. Jasaraharja Putera car insurance (JP-Astor)

Jasaraharja Putera Insurance has been established since 1993 in Jakarta and provides insurance services to the community for more than 20 years.

One of Jasaraharja's insurance services is JP-Astor, insurance which operates in the field of vehicle protection. JP-Astor has two insurance products, namely TLO and all risk.

Compared to other insurance products, JP-Astor is known for its premium prices that are more affordable.